Veniz Events is a premier luxury wedding event company that specializes in providing customized and glamorous services to bring your dream wedding to life. Our mission is to use our professional expertise, passion, and dedication to design and deliver weddings that create lasting memories.


Wedding Decoration

Veniz Events provides an exclusive range of wedding decorations that cater to various themes, colors, and styles. Our aim is to craft a captivating setting that aligns with your individual style and preferences. We are delighted to present you with stunning inspiration for your wedding decor, tailored to the style you envision. Whether you desire bohemian accents, romantic bouquets, elegant chandeliers, ambient lighting, suspended floral arrangements, candles, arches, and beyond, our collection offers a wealth of ideas to help you fashion a wedding reminiscent of a fairytale!


Colin Cowie states that flowers are a universal language comprehensible to every bride. We design, craft, and deliver wedding flowers tailored to reflect your unique style and vision. Our skilled florists specialize in both fresh and artificial flowers, providing comprehensive floristry services for your special day. Explore a diverse range of wedding centrepieces and bouquets to discover the perfect match for your preferences.

Wedding Planning:

Right from the outset, attending to the minutest details to the culmination of the entire event, we collaborate with you, working on your behalf. Drawing on over a decade of planning expertise, we manage every logistical aspect, providing guidance throughout the entire planning and organizational journey. Therefore, you can unwind and enjoy the process without concerns about where to begin.


To perceive beauty is to perceive light," according to Victor Hugo. To infuse a sense of sparkle and glamour into your unique event, we propose a multitude of wedding lighting concepts that will truly illuminate your day. As you contemplate your lighting strategy, bear in mind that the possibilities are vast and can be tailored effortlessly to suit any venue, budget, or style. Whether it's RGB decorative lighting, lamps, stage lights, hidden lighting, and more, these elements contribute to setting the overall ambiance for your wedding or event, showcasing the intricate details you've devoted months to planning. Let us illuminate your special moments.

Wedding and Event Equipment:

We offer and craft distinctive, captivating, and inventive pieces to include in our inventory, taking immense pride in utilizing these props to craft unforgettable events. Our collection encompasses a diverse array of beautiful items, carefully curated to form a distinctive design for your wedding, event, or party. Our professional decor service assists you in selecting the perfect items for your theme and venue, ensuring a unique and personalized touch to your occasion.


We provide vibrant fireworks for your wedding party, event, or celebration, ensuring the creation of unforgettable memories. Our commitment lies in organizing a magnificent array of fireworks tailored to your precise preferences. Illuminate the night and conclude your perfect day with an elegant fireworks display. Whether you desire the subtle excitement of our special effects or a breathtaking professional fireworks show synchronized to music, we collaborate with you to design a customized display perfectly suited to your event. With years of experience orchestrating firework displays for weddings, we understand better than anyone that there's no better way to express 'celebration' than with a spectacular fireworks presentation.


The music entertainment you choose for your wedding or party plays a significant role in the success of the event and the lasting memories you'll carry throughout your life," as stated by Martha Stewart. We specialize in organizing and providing renowned Greek and Cypriot singers for wedding celebrations. Our talented singers are available for booking at various events, including corporate functions, weddings, private parties, charity events, and any occasion that calls for live music or entertainment. Revel in the performances of our singers as they deliver wedding songs that energize the dance floor, bring smiles to faces, and set the perfect festive mood on your special day. Your favorite music and songs will gracefully accompany all the unforgettable moments of your wedding, adding a beautiful touch to the occasion.

Our goal at Veniz Events is to offer you a stress-free and love-filled experience, infused with style, elegance, and luxury. In addition to our wedding planning proficiency, we also provide exquisite floral arrangements tailored to your unique preferences.

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