Planning A Cyprus Wedding - Steps That You Should Take

There are a lot of steps you will need to take when planning a Cyprus wedding. The bride and the groom must choose an appropriate day for getting married. In Cyprus we have the custom making weddings on Sunday as it considered the blessed day. On Wednesdays and on Fridays our priests don’t make any weddings neither on religious holiday.

You will need to spend a lot of time to discuss with your husband how do you want to organize this big day. It will be also be very helpful to spend some time to discuss with your family members. They may have some ideas for planning your wedding.

When you organize a wedding in Cyprus, it’s good to make a detail planning of the program. Ten months before you have to decide the place where you’re wedding is going to be. You have to choose a convenient church for your guests and close it. Eight months before the couple must find a nice restaurant or arrange a small catering for the congratulations. Seven months before they have to choose the chief bridesmaid and the best man.

Here in Cyprus the chief bridesmaid is called koumera and the best man koumbaros.Koumbaros is often the best man, who assists in the crowning of the couple and in the circling of stefana three times.

 After they choose them they have to find a nice photographer for the wedding photos. Four months before they have to choose the costumes, the bridal dress, the rings, and the wedding cake and order the wedding invitations. The bride has to start making her wedding rehearsal. Two months before they have to take the invitations and decide who they want to invite and prepare some necessary papers for the church.

In Cyprus to be married you have to take from metropolis marriage licenses and a certificate of freedom from your mayor and take them to the priest before the wedding. One month before the couple starts inviting their guests and two weeks before the bride is taking care herself by taking some beauty tips from her beautician. Also the couple orders the sweets they are going to give to their guests. Five days before here in Cyprus we have the custom to arrange a bachelor/hens party to the groom or to the bride separately. Also the bride takes her wedding dress to try it on and be sure that it’s ok. One day before the couple has to relax and rest to enjoy their wedding!

If you are going to get married in Cyprus and you are coming from another country then you have to take a certificate from the country you are coming from which is going to show your identity.

Following these steps you are going to plan a great Cyprus wedding!!