Destination Weddings-How to plan it.

Getting married in your home town is not the only choice you have because these days an increasing number of couples here in Cyprus, choose to travel to beautiful locations to arrange their weddings.

Cypriots like very much Greece and Caribbean islands for a Caribbean beach marriage. It is not that Cyprus beaches are poor but Caribbean are just so spectacular. The climatic circumstance in Caribbean is gentler compared to other countries, so setting a wedding there any time of the year is not a problem. The location also is stunningly romantic. A big number of couples find this arrangement very appropriate since the wedding and honeymoon location is the same.

If you decide having your wedding in Caribbean islands you must to know from before any legal responsibilities. Each Caribbean island has its own legalities that the couple must to follow before their marriage there.

Greece also has many romantic locations for weddings like Santorini and Spetses. Spetses is an ideal location to do a romantic wedding in a small church.  You will also find luxurious suites in many romantic destinations in Greece, which are an ideal place for honeymoons.

So, if you decide leave Cyprus and have your wedding some where else check your passports before and make sure you prepare the needed wedding papers and procedures.