A Quick Step Guide to Cyprus Wedding Planning

Wedding will be the biggest and most expensive party you ever organize! So when the planning starts for this big day use these steps to help you get started.

Set the date of your wedding. Many couples in Cyprus take between 18 and 12 months to plan their wedding, but it depends from you how long it will take. Try not to prefer a day that has meaning to someone else, such as birthdays or anniversaries and make sure you avoid closing your wedding on special days for your close family and friends.

Think about the time of year as well, a wedding between May and September will cost more than one outside of these months.

Choose your wedding style and decide if you want a traditional religious wedding or a formal civil wedding. Do you want to arrange a small wedding or a large wedding? Would you like your wedding to be more your style or a casual, relaxed wedding in the garden?

Set your budget and decide if you will fund the entire wedding yourselves. Use a budget planning sheet to set out figures for every part of your wedding day. This sheet can be very helpful to ring around some vendors - venues, florists and caterers to give you some prices.

Prepare the guest list as it can be one of the biggest headaches for couples, particularly when inviting every family member and close family friend.

 When you start preparing your guest list note down those people who are most important to you first, then include other people in order of importance. People you haven’t seen in more than six months, work partners and far relatives are probably best invited to the evening party rather than the wedding proper.

Remember your budget also, each additional person is an additional cost.

These steps are of course just the start, but it is enough to give you the basics on which to build every other part of your special day.

After you can go on and choose your wedding theme and colors, prepare your wedding dress and book your honeymoon.